We know opals from the ground up.



  Opals, opals, opals and more opals!


At Opals Australia, we mine and cut opals, set and sell opals.

to you who appreciate unique stones.


No two opals are ever the same, which is why when you choose an opal,

it is as special and unique as you are.


 Opals Australia is an all Australian, family run business.


Opal is

Australia's National Gemstone,

the birthstone of October.
 Most of the world’s opal is from Australia.


Opals Australia proudly presents Boulder Opal jewellery from Quilpie, in South West Queensland, Australia, as well as Black and Crystal Opal from Lightning Ridge, New South Wales, Australia.  We also carry a range of Opal gemstones from other mines in Australia, including stones from Coober Pedy, South Australia.